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Nutrition Concepts And Controversies 15th Edition

Nutrition Concepts And Controversies 15th Edition

A billboard in Louisiana reads, “Come as you are. Leave different,” meaning that once you’ve seen, smelled, tasted, and listened to Louisiana, you’ll never be the same. This book extends the same invitation to its readers: come to nutrition science as you are, with all of the knowledge and enthusiasm you possess, with all of your unanswered questions and misconceptions, and with the habits and preferences that now dictate what you eat. But leave different. Take with you from this study a more complete understanding of nutrition science. Take a greater ability to discern between nutrition truth and fiction, to ask sophisticated questions, and to find the answers. Finally, take with you a better sense of how to feed yourself in ways that not only please you and soothe your spirit but nourish your body as well. For more than four decades, Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies has been a cornerstone of nutrition classes across North America, serving the needs of students and professors. In keeping with our tradition, in this, our 15th edition, we continue exploring the ever-changing frontier of nutrition science, confronting its mysteries through its scientific roots. We maintain our sense of personal connection with instructors and learners alike, writing for them in the clear, informal style that has become our trademark.


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