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The administrator, who has the highest privilege within the system, is in charge of the master database. The master database contains information about cements, chemical additives, and base fluids including code, SG, bulk density, price, etc. A general user can log into CEMLab and use the data in the master database to formulate cement slurries. After a slurry design is completed, the user can print out a test or weigh-up sheet and then assign the slurry design to another lab technician after selecting what tests are required. When the lab technician receives the test request, he can make the cement slurry as per the slurry formula and perform the requested tests. When this is completed, he then inputs the tests results into CEMLab and saves them. After all tests are done, the lab technician can return the test results back to the original designer for review. If the designer is satisfied with the test results, he can finalize the slurry design and print out a final report. If he is not satisfied with the test results, then he can make changes on his original design and send out a second test request. The lab technician and designer repeat this process until they have a qualified slurry design.

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