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Essentials of Medical Parasitology

Essentials of Medical Parasitology

Medical parasitology is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of animal parasites which infect and produce diseases in human beings. This book is designed specifically for undergraduate medical and paramedical students as well as for postgraduate students. Medical students always complain that there is no standard Indian textbook on parasitology at present which can fulfil the need of the examination and for the management of the parasitic diseases. Currently available Indian medical parasitology books are neither updated with recent advances nor presented in a student‐friendly manner. Day-to-day developments in the field of parasitology and the unavailability of a standard textbook fulfilling the needs and expectation of the students, motivated us to write a book in an updated format with recent epidemiological data, laboratory techniques, treatment strategies, etc in such a way that student can grasp it easily. The whole content of the book has been arranged in a bulleted format and use of sub heads has increased the readability. Entire book is divided into four sections—General introduction, Protozoology, Helminthology and Miscellaneous. At the end, six appendices have been incorporated which will be of immense use and initiate interest among the students. Expected questions including MCQs have been added at the end of each chapter which will help to reinforce and understand the related topic in a better way. Life cycles are drawn in lucid and easy-to-grasp manner, exactly according to the text. Real microscopic images of parasites and specimens from various sources are being incorporated to correlate their impressions with the related parasitic diseases. Laboratory diagnosis and treatment boxes are introduced as a different entity for a quick review for students as well as for physicians. Our endeavor will be successful, if the book is found to be useful for student as well as for the faculty.

Author: Apurba Sankar Sastry, Apurba Sankar Sastry

Pages: 358

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Published: 2 years ago

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