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Insect Biodiversity science and society

Insect Biodiversity science and society

This compilation, which comprises Volume II of Insect Biodiversity: Science and Society, continues the goals and strategies of Volume I. We have brought together contributors who are experts in the study of insect biodiversity and have considered topics that complement those of Volume I. Chapters are grouped along the same lines as those in Volume I, namely, “Habitats and Regions,” “Taxa,” and “Perspectives”. Part I provides further coverage of insect biodiversity in regional settings (the Arctic, Asia, and islands) and in particular habitats (agricultural crops and caves). The treatments of taxa in Part II, combined with those of Volume I, provide a complete overview of diversity in all insect orders. Part III includes historical, cultural, technical, and climatic perspectives on insect biodiversity. Once again, it has been particularly difficult to locate and to convince biodiversity experts to contribute to this project and to provide reviews of contributions. Simply put, insect taxonomists and biodiversity specialists are a diminished resource, and those who remain are extremely busy. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and efforts of those who were able to contribute.

Author: Quentin Wheeler

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Published: 2 years ago

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