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The Encyclopedia of Birds 6 Volume set

The Encyclopedia of Birds 6 Volume set

The Encyclopedia of Birds is a six-volume set designed to introduce the young reader to the fascinating world of birds. Birds, in all their variety, from the forests of North America, to the beaches of South America, to the mountains of Europe and the plains of Australia, share certain common features of anatomy and physiology as well as habitat and breeding. But there are also significant differences among the populations as well as unique relationships in courtship routines, nesting and life expectancy. In this reference work, the birds are arranged alphabetically and appear in four-page spreads. Each bird featured includes the following information: • Order, family, genus and species • Habitat • Behavior • Breeding • Food and Feeding • Distribution and Range • Vital Statistics • Creature Comparisons In addition, fun facts or unusual information is imparted in the “Did You Know?” box and sidebar information often includes notes on conservation, related species, unusual behavior or distinguishing features. An information panel in each section includes vital statistics on weight, length, wingspan, sexual maturity, breeding season, number of eggs, incubation period, fledging period, typical diet and lifespan. Richly enhanced by full-color photographs as well as drawings and labeled diagrams, this wide-ranging set will be sure to fascinate and entertain bird lovers of all ages.

Author: Laurie E.Likoff

Pages: 1067

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Published: 2 years ago

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