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Essential Hindi Speak Hindi with Confidence

Essential Hindi Speak Hindi with Confidence

This guide is divided into 16 themed sections and starts with a pronunciation table which explains the phonetic pronunciation to all the words and sentences you’ll need to know, and a basic grammar guide which will help you construct basic sentences in your chosen language. At the end of the book is an extensive English–Hindi word list. Throughout the book you’ll come across boxes with a beside them. These are designed to help you if you can’t understand what your listener is saying to you. Hand the book over to them and encourage them to point to the appropriate answer to the question you are asking. Other boxes in the book—this time without the symbol—give listings of themed words with their English translations. For extra clarity, we have put all phonetic pronunciations of the foreign language terms in bold italic. This book covers all subjects you are likely to come across during the course of a visit, from reserving a room for the night to ordering food and drink at a restaurant and what to do if your car breaks down or you lose your money. With over 2,000 commonly used words and essential sentences at your fingertips you can rest assured that you will be able to get by in all situations, so let Essential Hindi become your passport to learning to speak with confidence!

Author: Richard Delacy

Pages: 232

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 11 days ago

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