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Business Model Design Compass

Business Model Design Compass

Business Model Design Compass Open Innovation Funnel to Schumpeterian New Combination Business Model Developing Circle Here, I begin by discussing the requirements of open innovation, after which I start to develop our idea from the open innovation to the business model developing circle. Next, I discuss how to vitalize open innovation conceptually. Diverse strategies to motivate open innovation will be discussed following this. Third, we look into the locus of open innovation. I will find ways to combine the technology and the market from the locus of open innovation, that is, to say, forge a creative business model. Lastly, I will explain how to measure open innovation. I can understand the reality of open innovation and the business model from concrete measures.

Author: JinHyo Joseph Yun

Pages: 238

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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