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Encyclopedia of Nursing Research

Encyclopedia of Nursing Research

The Encyclopedia of Nursing Research", now thoroughly updated in a 2nd edition, presents key terms and concepts in nursing research and features over 30 per cent new entries. Written by the world's leading authorities in nursing research, this comprehensive reference is a "one-stop" resource for everything you need to know about nursing research and its utilization. The 320 articles by 200 expert contributors include topics such as: nursing services; electronic networks and technology; nursing education; nursing care; specialties in nursing; patients' reactions and adjustments; historical, philosophical, and cultural issues; and nursing organizations and publications. New entries include: Boykin and Schoenhofer Cancer Survivorship; Depression in Cardiac Disease; Disparities in Minority Mental Health; Endotrachial Suctioning; Formal Nursing Languages (Virginia); Henderson's Model; HIV Risk Behavior; Middle Range Theories (Margaret); Newman's Theory of Health; Peplau's Theoretical Model; Rogers Science of Unitary Persons Taxonomy; Watson's Theory of Human Caring; and more! Extensive cross references help readers find information easily. Nursing researchers and graduate students in nursing will be the primary audience for this volume. As with the first edition, nurses in all phases of education, from basic to doctoral, from formal university and college-based programs to continuing education offerings, within all health systems, will find this an important introduction to current nursing research topics.

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