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India Today 15 May 2023

India Today 15 May 2023

India Today is a popular Indian news magazine that covers a wide range of topics including politics, current affairs, business, entertainment, sports, and more. It is a well-respected source of information for readers who are interested in keeping up with the latest news and trends in India and around the world. The February 13, 2023 issue of India Today is now available for download on Exam Strategy. This edition is packed with in-depth analysis, insightful opinions, and engaging features that will keep readers informed and engaged. This issue covers a wide range of topics, including the Union Budget 2023, which is one of the most anticipated events in the Indian financial calendar. Readers can expect to find detailed coverage of the budget and its implications for the economy, businesses, and individuals. The issue also features exclusive interviews with top leaders from various fields, including politics, business, and entertainment. There are engaging stories about inspiring individuals who are making a difference in their communities, as well as investigative reports on critical issues facing the country.

Author: India Today

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Published: 9 months ago

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