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BD Product Catalogue

BD Product Catalogue

Every day millions of BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes manufactured in the UK are used in hospitals around the world. For 30 years, BD has supported the UK economy by being a major employer in the South West of England. Our plant in Plymouth is recognised as a centre of manufacturing excellence - continued investment in quality and cuttingedge technologies has led to world-class process controls which help to deliver a unique level of service to customers. Furthermore, the Plymouth plant’s innovation has resulted in it receiving the EEF Environmental Efficiency Award in 2010. The Plymouth plant is located on a 27 acre site on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. When it opened in 1981, 90 employees manufactured four products at Plymouth, before a second plant was opened in 1988 to focus on PrecisionGlideTM needles. Today, 600 employees manufacture over 200 different products, including BD Vacutainer® tubes for haematology, coagulation and chemistry. Within the UK, Becton Dickinson U.K. Limited continues to support the economy with a turnover of over £200 million (50% of which is exports) and employment of 918 personnel. BD has also demonstrated its future commitment to the UK with significant investment over the last 5 years.

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