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Modern Physics, 3rd Edition

Modern Physics, 3rd Edition

This textbook is meant to serve a first course in modern physics, including relativity, quantum mechanics, and their applications. Such a course often follows the standard introductory course in calculus-based classical physics. The course addresses two different audiences: (1) Physics majors, who will later take a more rigorous course in quantum mechanics, find an introductory modern course helpful in providing background for the rigors of their imminent coursework in classical mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. (2) Nonmajors, who may take no additional physics class, find an increasing need for concepts from modern physics in their disciplines—a classical introductory course is not sufficient background for chemists, computer scientists, nuclear and electrical engineers, or molecular biologists. Necessary prerequisites for undertaking the text include any standard calculusbased course covering mechanics, electromagnetism, thermal physics, and optics. Calculus is used extensively, but no previous knowledge of differential equations, complex variables, or partial derivatives is assumed (although some familiarity with these topics would be helpful). Chapters 1–8 constitute the core of the text. They cover special relativity and quantum theory through atomic structure. At that point the reader may continue with Chapters 9–11 (molecules, quantum statistics, and solids) or branch to Chapters 12–14 (nuclei and particles). The final chapter covers cosmology and can be considered the capstone of modern physics as it brings together topics from relativity (special and general) as well as from nearly all of the previous material covered in the text.

Author: Kenneth S.Krane

Pages: 566

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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