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Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Anne Frank. It was a simple name for a complicated girl, a young woman who has intrigued the world for four generations. Anne was a child caught up in a terrible war. She was forced into hiding, as were many others. She suffered for her heritage and religion, but again, so did many others. So what sets Anne apart? Above all it is her diary, and that her funny, insightful, and honest writing reveals so much about both who she was and her vision of the world. “Even though I’m only fourteen,” Anne wrote, “I know what I want, I know who’s right and who’s wrong, I have my own opinions, ideas and principles . . .” Anne was far from perfect. But that was okay because perfection wasn’t really one of her goals. Anne wanted to be interesting, to captivate those around her. She did just that during her tragically shortened lifetime, and her story continues to do so today.

Author: DK Publishing

Pages: 130

Issue By: Gyan Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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