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Encyclopedia Britannica 2009

Encyclopedia Britannica 2009

The year 2008 was one of momentous change and wild uncertainty. Though many concerns were raised about China’s prospects for mounting the Olympic Games, Beijing triumphed in spectacular form and staged many of the sporting events in uniquely designed venues. Later in the year, the global economic collapse sent the financial markets plunging and investors scrambling and forced consumers to tighten their belts. Worldwide, populations that were already struggling to meet basic needs were further hampered by soaring food prices. Meanwhile, freegans, individuals dedicated to finding alternatives to a consumerist economy, munched on discarded vegetarian foodstuffs. A fractious U.S. presidential campaign resulted in the election of Democrat Barack Obama, who made history as the first African American to win that office. The presidential campaign highlighted the emergence of “citizen journalists,” everyday people who reported the news. In Turkey the government grappled with maintaining a political balance between secular and Islamic influences. The Anglicans, too, faced discontent as a split in the church left the communion fragmented. In India, Mumbai was paralyzed for nearly three days owing to a coordinated terrorist attack. All of these topics are covered in Special Reports.

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