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Langmans Medical Embryology 13th Ed

Langmans Medical Embryology 13th Ed

Every student will be affected by pregnancy, either their mother’s, because what happens in the womb does not necessarily stay in the womb, or by someone else’s. As health care pro- fessionals, you will often encounter women of childbearing age who may be pregnant, or you may have children of your own, or maybe it is a friend who is pregnant. In any case, pregnancy and childbirth are relevant to all of us, and un- fortunately, these processes often culminate in negative outcomes. For example, 50% of all em- bryos are spontaneously aborted. Furthermore, prematurity and birth defects are the leading causes of infant mortality and major contribu- tors to disabilities. Fortunately, new strategies can improve pregnancy outcomes, and health care professionals have a major role to play in implementing these initiatives. However, a basic knowledge of embryology is essential to the suc- cess of these strategies, and with this knowledge, every health care professional can play a role in providing healthier babies.

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