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Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology

Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive review of both general and organ-specific pathology through multiple choice questions with explanations of the answers. The source materials are the ninth editions of Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease (PBD9) and Robbins Basic Pathology (BP9), and in several chapters, Robbins and Cotran Atlas of Pathology (AP3). The questions in this review book follow the chapters and topics in these source materials to facilitate ongoing selfassessment as students work their way through a curriculum to gain and then apply their understanding of key concepts. This book is intended to be a useful resource for students in a variety of health science training programs.

Author: Edward C. Klatt, MD Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MD, FRCPath

Pages: 506

Issue By: eBook 707

Published: 2 years ago

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