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Cytopathologic Diagnosis of Serous Fluids by Vinod B Shidham

Cytopathologic Diagnosis of Serous Fluids by Vinod B Shidham

This new reference examines specimen processing of effusion fluids, detailing the steps needed to obtain more accurate diagnoses while avoiding common pitfalls. A methodical, algorithmic approach to the evaluation and interpretation of specimens enables you to establish a definitive diagnosis in these often difficult cases. User-friendly features - combined with extensive tables and algorithms - facilitate ease of interpretation, and highlighted information makes the most essential concepts easy to reference quickly. * Avoid potential errors in diagnosis with a full chapter that offers expert approaches to specimen collection and processing. * Arrive at more accurate diagnoses with the aid of step-by-step algorithms plus hundreds of illustrations - including multiple images for each phenomenon representing a broad range of stains and magnifications. * Achieve optimal diagnostic certainty by viewing correlations between Pap, Diff-Quick (Romanowsky), and immunocytochemical stain for every type of serous effusion. * Recognize the difference in cell samples yielded after washing the serous cavity with saline or balanced salt solution versus effusion fluid. * Understand the advantages and disadvantages of Pap stains versus Diff-Quick stains in FNA evaluations. * Remain up to date with the latest technologies such as liquid based cytology (SurePathT) and ThinPrepT. * Easily apply principles to real-life practice by reviewing detailed histories. * Quickly locate the guidance you need with a color-coded chapter system. * Focus on the most important points with user-friendly highlighted boxes.

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