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How to Read People Like a Book

How to Read People Like a Book

Have you ever wanted to know what a person really thinks of you? Do you want to learn how to deal with different personality types? Are you tired of being made fun of by the first person who passes by because you are unable to read their intentions? This manual provides a cutting-edge distillation of the techniques developed over the centuries by politicians, advertisers, criminals and other masters of their own universe. When applied, they can help you analyse anyone. This will allow you to connect with any personality type you want, forging friendships and social bonds that will last a lifetime! The non-verbal component constitutes over 65% of overall communication. It is an indispensable skill in any situation or social class. You will learn how to: ◆ Interpret the emotional states of the people around us. ◆ Express your feelings and ideas more effectively. ◆ Understanding the clues offered by choice of words. ◆ Avoid misunderstandings. ◆ Find out if a person is lying to you. ◆ Seduce a person (male and female body language in courtship have unique codes). ◆ Demonstrate greater assertiveness when interacting with others. ◆ Substantially improve interpersonal relationships ◆ Understand the subtle signals you are sending out and increase your emotional intelligence. You will find shortcuts to connect quickly and deeply with strangers. As you have probably already experienced in life the risk of misinterpreting the body language of others, or of sending incorrect and incongruent messages, is very high and can cause a lot of misunderstanding. Unlike other books, this manual offers a practical and profound knowledge of non-verbal communication with a modern approach, free from the mania of wanting to ‘scam’ others and interpret everything simplistically. Hiring the best employee, choosing a business partner or simply choosing a partner for life will be far easier after reading this manual.

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