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Pearson IIT Foundation Series Physics Class 9

Pearson IIT Foundation Series Physics Class 9

The structure of the content is not only student-friendly but is also designed in such a manner that it invigorates the students to go beyond the usual school curriculum and also act as a source of higher learning to strengthen the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The core objective of the series is to be a one-stop-solution for students preparing for various competitive examinations. Irrespective of the field of study that the student may choose to take up later, it is important to understand that Mathematics and Science form the basis for most modern day activities. Hence, utmost efforts have been made to develop student interest in these basic building blocks via real-life examples and application based problems. Ultimately the aim is to ingrain the art of problem-solving in the minds of the reader. To ensure high level of accuracy and practicality this series has been authored by a team of highly qualified and experienced faculties involved in grooming the young minds. That said, we believe that there is always scope for doing things in a better manner and hence invite you to provide us

Author: Pearson

Pages: 537

Issue By: eBook 707

Published: 2 years ago

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