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Personality and Individual Differences 2nd Ed (Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic)

Personality and Individual Differences 2nd Ed (Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic)

The study of individual differences is part of a well-established tradition in psychology that dates back more than a century. Individual differences researchers attempt to describe and explain how and why people differ, and what impact or consequences these differences have. Whereas most areas of psychology assume that every person is the same and hence attempt to explain the universal aspects of human behavior, individual difference theories are concerned with differences between people, or what makes everyone unique. Personality and Individual Differences is a state-of-the-art undergraduate textbook that covers the salient and recent literature on personality, intellectual ability, motivation and other individual differences such as creativity, emotional intelligence, leadership and vocational interests. " The second edition is now in full colour, completely revised and updated with the most recent and cutting-edge data and analysis as well as many more real-life examples. As well as introducing all topics relating to individual differences, this book examines and discusses many important underlying issues, such as the psychometric approach to latent variables, validity, reliability, and correlations between constructs. An essential textbook for first-time as well as more advanced students of the discipline, Personality and Individual Differences provides grounding in all the major aspects of differential psychology.

Author: BPS Blackwell

Pages: 453

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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