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Market Research in Practice 3rd Ed

Market Research in Practice 3rd Ed

Market Research in Practice_ An Introduction to Gaining Greater Market Insight You are walking through a farmers’ market where the stalls are full of plump produce. The stallholders have their wares positioned so that they are displayed to best advantage. Some are shouting to catch your attention. There are price tickets clearly displaying the cost of each item. It is busy and very noisy. Business is brisk and sellers and buyers seem to be in perfect harmony – each understands the other. It is highly unlikely that any of the stallholders have ever read a market research textbook, designed a questionnaire or carried out a survey; but they certainly do carry out market research.

Author: Paul Hague, Matthew Harrison, Julia Cupman and Oliver Truman

Pages: 401

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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