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Market Smart

Market Smart

There are two parts in this book. Part One is on strategy, planning, and management of B2B marketing, and Part Two covers implementation. Part One includes: • What business to business marketing is, how it differs from sales and consumer marketing, and why it’s often hard for B2B companies to master. • B2B marketing strategy—when and why you need to develop one and how to do so in a practical way. • Tactical marketing planning, including a set of rules to help you evaluate which tactics are right for your business, and when. • Guidance on managing the marketing function—how much you should spend, who should do the work, and how to measure performance. Part Two is all about implementing B2B marketing. This section is a comprehensive, practical reference. There are tips on how to execute effectively, resources you can use, and suggested metrics for all the most commonly used B2B marketing tactics. You can read this book cover to cover or pick and choose the sections you need. There’s enough detail to provide a novice with a full understanding of B2B marketing, while an experienced marketing professional can skim for reminders on the structure and nuances of both strategy and execution.

Author: Lisa Shepherd

Pages: 177

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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