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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics A Practical Guide to Real Marketing Science This is not meant to be an academic tome filled with mathematic minutia and cluttered with statistical mumbo-jumbo. There will need to be an equation now and then, but if your interest is econometric rigour, you’re in the wrong place. A couple of good books for that are Econometric Analysis by William H. Greene (1993) and Econometric Models, Techniques and Applications by Michael Intriligator, Ronald G. Bodkin and Cheng Hsiao (1996). So, this book is not aimed at the statistician, although there will be a fair amount of verbiage about statistics. This is not meant to be a replacement for a programming manual, even though there will be SAS code sprinkled in now and then. If you’re all about BI (business intelligence), which means mostly reporting and visualizing data, this is not for you. This will not be a marketing strategy guide, but be aware that as mathematics

Author: Mike Grigsby

Pages: 207

Issue By: Blue Stone Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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